What’s Next?

IM Shot Bar

Add an IM injection to your IV therapy appointment for an extra boost.

Needing more energy?
Need help burning fat?
Need Muscle building?
Need to drop in for a B12 injection?

At RMD, we have a wide range of shots to help with almost any of your needs. Our IM Shots take minutes and range from $25-$40.

Be Energized
Vitamin B12 Shot

• Increase energy
• Balance your mood
• Combat stress

Power Up
An extra dose of B Vitamins

• Help with energy
• Frequency: as needed

Lipolean Shots

• To maximize your workouts
• Weekly for 8 weeks

Plateau Buster

• Maximize your workouts and bust through the fat burning plateau
• Weekly for 8 weeks

Liver Shots

• Help with fatty liver
• Weekly for 8 weeks

Amino Acid or BCAA Shots

• Help build muscle
• Frequency: as needed

Gluathione IM

• Renu "Beauty" shot
• Master antioxidant
• Weekly

Vitamin D

Low Vitamin D levels are common. Optimization helps with the brain, heart, bones, mood, decrease cancer and so much more!
Have your levels checked and let us help you get the Vitamin D level you need for optimal health!

Mitochondrial support

• Alpha Lipoic Acid
• Support of the cell’s powerhouse
• Antioxidant
• Anti-inflammatory
• Anti-aging
• IM shot up to 3 X/week

Libido shots

• Arousal and desire disorders are common
• We have peptide shots to help with these disorders
• As needed

Not sure which IV is right for you? We can help with that.